The World’s Highest Website

Welcome to the World’s Highest Website! It’s 18.94 kilometers high (about 11.77 miles), and an enormous pleasure to scroll. Enjoy.

For fine print and technical details, either scroll down by yourself or take the elevator, which offers light speed hypertext transportation for free.

Awesome. Restart? Scroll up (we’ll wait for you), use the elevator, or press Ctrl and Pos1.

For everyone else there’s some fine print. This website is a CSS experiment. Due to its experimental nature, there are some accessibility limitations. The technical and design principles of this site are simple:

Known issues

If you do come up with fixes or an even higher element whose formatting is broadly supported, email There may be a reward.

WHWS is presented by web artist Jens Oliver Meiert and the secret “Flying Standardistas Club.” Design: Alessandro Lettieri. Contact: Jens Oliver Meiert (Pontevedra, Spain) · · +34-610859489.